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Introduce solids to baby with Family meals from the start

101 before one Baby-led Feeding Printed Book & 101 Food Checklist Magnet

Includes Lifetime Access to our Digital App

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✔️Easy to follow program for busy parents

✔️Created by all-mom team of pediatric experts

✔️20,000+ happy families

Meet our team of pediatric experts

We are a team of pediatric experts and doctors (who are also moms!) who came together through our passion for baby led weaning. The 101 before one program is a result of our years of professional experience, paired with our own journeys as parents.

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Julie Laux, Founder & Head Chef⁠

Cinthia Scott, RD, IBCLC⁠
Registered Dietitian and Certified Lactation Counselor⁠⁠

Krupa Playforth, MD⁠
Board-Certified General Pediatrician⁠

Manisha Relan, MD⁠
Pediatric allergist / Clinical immunologist⁠

Catherine Callahan, MS, CCC-SLP, CLC
Speech-language Pathologist, Pediatric Feeding Therapist, and Certified Lactation Counselor⁠

Courtney Nassau, CCC-SLP Infant Feeding Specialist, Licensed Speech Pathologist⁠ @chubbybaby

Printed Book & 101 Food Checklist Magnet

Our self-published signature Printed Book features 250-pages of jam-packed, high-value content with 300+ full-color photos of foods, meals, and more and will LIVE on your kitchen counter for months to years!


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101 Food Checklist Magnet to hang on your fridge

250-page Full-color Spiral-bound Printed Book

Instructions on how to serve 101 foods to baby from 6-12 months

101+ easy, family-friendly recipes for babies 6+ months and 9+ months

300+ full-color photos and visuals of cut food, recipes, and balanced family meals for baby

Starting solids is easy as 1-2-3!

Meet our Founder

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Hi, I'm Julie

Founder & Head Chef, 101 before one

As a first-time mom, I had no idea where to even begin with starting solids. When we didn't get much information from our pediatrician, I did what most parents do and searched high and low on the internet. The resources I found did not meet the needs of our family, so as a determined mom, I set out to create something new.

I surrounded myself with a team of experts to create the ultimate printed guide to starting solids - from how to get started, to introducing a variety of foods, and family-style meals.

As a busy working mom, I barely had enough time to make dinner, let alone separate meals for my daughter. Family meals from the start™ was born out of necessity and also aligns exactly with the mission of baby-led feeding where baby participates in the family meal and eats what you eat. Parents I’ve talked to like the concept of cooking once, but needed a guide on how to do just that.

We hope our program makes you feel more confident starting solids, and that your little one grows up to be a happy, healthy eater for life!

1. Quickly learn the latest best-practices for baby-led feeding

The first 50 pages of our printed book feature everything you need to know about introducing solid food to your baby.


-Getting started and signs of readiness

-Infant Nutrition, plus # of meals by age

-Setting up a safe feeding environment, plus choking vs. gagging

-How to serve food for baby-led feeding

-Introducing the Top 9 Allergens

-Cup drinking (open cup and straw)

-Pantry, fridge, and freezer staple foods

-Frequently asked questions

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2. Introduce 101 foods to baby

The book guides you on how to introduce 101 nutritious foods to your baby from 6-12 months, along with helpful photos and visuals and detailed instructions. Plus, keep track of baby's progress with our 101 Food Checklist Fridge Magnet!

The back of the book features a detailed table of contents so you can look up recipes by food, or by meal!

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3. Cook & serve family-style meals for you & your baby

All of our recipes in our Printed Book are intended to be shared with the whole family, from adults, to toddlers, to babies 6+ months. Our book has recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack, but is organized by the 101 foods.

Over 300+ photos are included in the book so you can see how to serve meals and various recipes to your baby based on age.

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Family Meals for Baby Digital App - Lifetime Access Included

Everything you need for baby-led weaning, all in one searchable app!

Get instant access to our Baby-led Feeding 101 Online Course, interactive 101 Foods Checklist, 200+ family-style recipes, Weekly Meal Plans, plus 6 months of chat support for general questions.

Join 10,000+ parents inside our thriving community with new content added monthly. Lifetime access included with your book purchase.

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Get started today

101 before one is perfect for parents who:

Want to follow the latest best practices for starting solids

Are excited to share family meals together with their baby

Willing to try new foods through the 101 Foods Challenge

Prefer to have a guided approach to starting solids, rather than just "wing it"

Parents who work full-time or who stay at home

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Join 20,000+ happy babies (& parents!)

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Order your Printed Book + 101 Food Checklist Magnet today!

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Optional Add-on: Infant/Child CPR, Choking and Injury Prevention Online Course from Safe Beginnings

$30 OFF CPR COURSE | Get instant LIFETIME access to the Online Infant CPR Course from Safe Beginnings so you feel prepared in case of emergency. All parents who are starting solids should take an infant CPR class.

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